Blogging is one of the best   media of sharing   your ideas or skills. Obviously, we need to select a suitable platform to start blogging. When we talk about blogging in the community, the 2 platforms are very much suggested i.e. google’s Blogspot and WordPress.

There is a huge debate on this topic as well. Well, after reading out this whole article, you’ll be able to point out the differences and you’ll know what is best for you. You will come to know about my point of view at the end of this article.

Before that, I would like to tell you about both of them in a descriptive way.

PS: pranjalsinghal.in is a self-hosted WordPress website. However, being having expertise on both the platforms, I will be able to tell you the pros and cons of both the technologies.


WordPress is a   Content Management System (CMS)   . It has some unbeatable abilities. We can also create a full-featured Web Application with this platform. For example, you can visit my personal website.


WordPress is a full-fledged   Content Management System (CMS)   . Though there are countless reasons, but we’ll discuss few of them in this article.


WordPress.org is an open-source project where you can customize almost anything. Nothing is hidden or encrypted there. It’s totally up to you that how much you can play with the files.

WordPress provides you with an option to   include external plugins   with your current installation which makes it even more fruitful. In case if you don’t know, Plugins are the additional programs or pieces of codes that can be installed in WordPress and can be used for specific tasks such as including forms, designing web pages, etc.


WordPress has huge design options. You can select a theme for your blog from millions of options. Some are FREE and some are paid. Obviously, paid themes have some advanced options [sometimes] which you won’t get in the FREE one.

Apart from themes, certain plugins can also help you to get better Design. Some   plugins such as elementor   can help you to design web pages for different goals.


Since WordPress supports third-party plugins so it’s very easy for you to track your SEO score. I personally recommend   Yoast SEO   for the same. It’s one of the best tools.

So, basically, these 3rd party plugins create a better SEO environment for bloggers who want to drive organic traffic.


WordPress is an open-source software i.e. you have 100% access to the root files and you can edit them according to your requirement. This makes it comparatively more customizable.

Even if you forgot your admin password you can reset it via accessing your databases. So, basically these are some major advantages of open source. Read more bu following this link.


We have already talked about WordPress and now let’s discuss Google’s Blogging platform, i.e. blogger. Before starting, let me tell you, I used both the platforms. I have a good idea about both of them. So, read the points thoroughly. You’ll definitely get something new to learn.

Blogger is the   simplest and effortless   way to start with blogging. You don’t need many resources. All you need is an internet connection and dedication.

You can start immediately by creating the account. Once you’ll finish with it, add some content with an attractive user profile. Basically, you don’t need to dive into technical aspects if you are using blogger.

Now, here is the time to check the comparison between both the platforms. After that, we’ll come to a conclusion.


Well, the difference between both of them is quite huge. But there is nothing like superior and inferior. In this section, I’ll talk about them. It’s a request, kindly read the below differences one by one otherwise you’ll miss some of the crucial points.


Here, we’ll talk about how complex is to operate both WordPress or blogger. Well, for this, I’ll support blogger. If you    don’t want to dive into technical aspects    and just want to concentrate on your content creation part, then choose blogger blindly.

Since blogger is a pre-established platform with limited features so, the    operating complexity in the blogger is almost nil   . On the other hand, to make a WordPress blog, you need to create a WordPress environment by installing it over the server.

However, if you have a little knowledge then you can easily set up your WordPress website. But, it requires time at the initial stage.


No doubt, WordPress has huge customization potential. You can edit almost any part. thousands of themes and plugins are available to fulfill your requirements. Most of them are free however, some are costly.

On the other hand, Blogger is not that much power in this term. You can’t customize it that much since it’s owned by Google. This is not an open-source project like WordPress. You can do basic editing.

However, if you don’t have any longer plan rather then publishing your content then blogger will be sufficient for you.

Check out the below videos if you want to know about some best themes.


Both WordPress and Blogger have good security implementation. But if you still want to dig deeper then, I would prefer a blogger. There are certain reasons for that.

WordPress is too quick for the patch up of existing security issues. But, there are other loopholes such as    outdated plugins, cheap hosting, nulled themes,    etc which creates security issues and because of this, your website got hacked.

As we all know, blogger is a google product. It provides the utmost security features. As well as a blogger is self-hosted so, you don’t need to worry about the hosting side issues. As features are comparatively less, so, no extra security efforts are needed.

You need to keep updated all your plugins, themes and core WordPress installation in order to make it difficult to hack. Apart from that, invest in some good hosting solution otherwise it’ll increase server response timing.


If you wanna start with WordPress, then you need to invest some amount of money. That amount totally depends on your spending potential. However, you can begin with as low as 500/- month.

If you are starting with WordPress for the learning purpose, then you could even start for FREE but this solution is totally reliable and I highly don’t recommend this. This is only for learning purposes by signing up for a FREE hosting with a free .000 or .tk extension.

The main investment is in purchasing a domain name along with a quality hosting. Hosting may vary from around 1.5$ to 100$ or even more per month.

If you want to start initially without investing a single penny, then Blogger is the best solution for you. It is a 100% FREE solution to start with your content ideas. It’ll give you a free subdomain like this one  Https://yourname.blogspot.com

However, you can even link your own domain name if you want. It’ll cost you around 10$ but there is some offer you can have it for as low as 1-2$. Let’s hope you’ll crack a good deal. 

Now, If you want to start with free, use blogger, you’ll never face any kind of SEO issues. However, features will be quite less. Start with wordpress only if you can afford some $$ each year. Blogger can be a good starting point.

Later on, you can export your entire website to wordpress. 


Frankly speaking, you can hardly get shit out of in any of their official support forums 😀 I can recommend you follow some steps below to get perfect answers to your queries for FREE and quickly.

1- You can message me @officialpranj. I’ll get back to you with the answer earliest possible.
2- Join some blogging groups. You can post your queries there and you’ll get the reply.
3- Youtube/Google with the exact phase of the issue. The chance that you’ll get some solution.

Well, since WordPress is more famous and complex so, the chances are high that you’ll get your query solved in lesser time. As of my personal experience, you’ll hardly face any issue with Blogger platform.


From the SEO point of view, I can say both of them have equal potential. However, as you can have more customization and better designing, there is a chance you’ll get higher conversion rates as compared to blogger.

But the visibility over the search engine is almost the same. You won’t need to worry about it anyway. If your content has quality, then it’ll be there on the top search results. But better to use a TLD such as .com, .in, etc for better results.

WordPress has some plugins which tell you about the exact optimization techniques on the go, but here in blogger, you need to do it manually.

So, if you talk about potential in terms of SEO, both are good. But WordPress is more feasible to optimize your content for better SEO.


Well, to be honest, the question is baseless. The platform doesn’t decide your earning capacity. In fact, when we talk about earning, most of us start thinking about Adsense which is wrong. Adsense is one of the option not the only option.

Everything depends upon the quality of your content. Ask yourself will this attract the user? If the answer is yes then, of course, you can earn the money.

If you have a good readership on your blog, you can create a mailing list and later on promote paid products to generate revenue. This is just an example. You can find out many other ways too.

So, in short, you can choose any platform to earn the money but, WordPress will provide you many different plugins to customize the user interaction part, so it’ll attract more readers and this will increase engagement.

Well, earning is not the initial step. So, don’t think much about it at the initial stage.


Blogger and wordpress both have diffrent potential. It’s totally upon you how you are using it. WordPress will give you a variety of customisation features which will make your design best and unique whereas Blogger will provide you a platform where you can start blogging for FREE with minimum efforts. 

If you are new to blogging and want to know how to start blogging then this guide will help you alot. You’ll get answer to your every question related to blogging like buying an hosting, best domain name, blogging without niche etc. I have covered everything in detail. 

If you think I missed something then you are always welcome in my inbox. Let’s hope for the best. Soon we’ll meet on our another blog post. Thanks for being here.

Stay blessed and happy blogging 🙂  

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