Hey guys! I hope you all are doing really good. Recently, I saw a number of questions related to blogging. So, I have decided to cover A-z about how to start blogging. By the end of this article, you’ll get answers to almost all the questions related to blogging.

What I want is your time and attention. This is a 100% FREE guide that will cover almost each and every topic related to blogging. So after reading this, you will be able to launch your very first blog. How to start blogging

This article is a step by step tutorial. So read each topic at least once and if anything remains unclear, you can get in touch with me @officialpranj how to start blogging for free


Blogging is all about sharing your Ideas, Skills, stories or any form of content in the written manner with your audience in the simplest language. It’s a medium to share your skillset and experience with others.

You can find the number of bloggers of almost any niche. The only way to stand out is to provide unique, well-researched and value-based content. And this is not a tough task. I promise you, after reading out this guide, you’ll be the one who is going to write lusty content. how to start blogging for freehow to start blogging

So, I hope you have successfully understood the concept of blogging. Let’s discuss if blogging is for you or not. how to start blogging for free


You can’t go with any random topic in the longer term. Even if you go, you’ll probably be out of ideas after a few posts. So, before beginning, let’s clear out your ability and together decide your niche ;). how to start blogging for free

So, what’s your hobby? you can’t be out of ideas anytime.

It can be anything, maybe if you like designing, art and craft, singing, dancing, cyber-related stuff, cricket or maybe some other sports, cooking, home maintenance or anything else.

The beauty of internet is that it’s not limited to selected topics only. The Internet is full of different niches. As well as every niche has it’s defined audience. So, the topic will never be your barrier. how to start blogging for free

So, I hope you have successfully got the topic. If not then read further, I have a solution for you.

I believe you tried your best but unfortunately, you haven’t got any piece of the idea that how you could start. So, don’t be sad dear, You are going to do even best than others. Just follow my idea.


This sounds weird because blogging without a niche is impossible(literally). Well, it might be possible that you don’t have any skill but this is just impossible that you don’t have any desire to obtain a skill.how to start blogging for free

I mean life me Kuch to Karoge Na Bhai 😀 😀 That’s it. You need the thirst to obtain a skill. Now, you may be thinking of the money issue. But believe me, nowadays, most of the things are available for FREE. how to start blogging for free

So follow the below steps:

1- Visit udemy.com and obtain a course for FREE.
2- Once you have obtained the course, start it with your daily routine.
3- Whatever you learned on DAY-N, implement it practically.
4- Now visit youtube.com
5- Deep-search on that keyword which you have learned on DAY-N
6- Once you’ll be done with it, I believe you have now command on that topic.

Now you have “fresh-n-hot” well-researched content. Just go ahead and write on it. The main advantage of following this methodology is that your content will be 100% unique and whatever problems you have faced, you can write over it.

Just don’t write the problems only. Write it’s a solution too. In this way, you’ll not only learn but also engage your audience. This will make you a successful blogger.

I asked you to visit on youtube is because you’ll get multiple lectures on the same topic which will help you to understand a topic in depth. Even I follow this methodology to learn something and this is 100% working.how to start blogging for free

This will help you in deep learning. So, whatever I explained here is theoretical. Let me explain it practically.

So, if I follow my own strategy I’ll first visit Udemy and obtain a digital marketing course. Once I’ll do that, then I’ll start its first section. Suppose it’s on “keyword researching”. I’ll do it practically using some tools.

So, I’ll watch that video, then move to youtube and watch videos related to keyword researching. Once I’ll complete with 2-3 videos, then I’ll be pretty sure about the topic as well as it’s applications.

Congratulations (to me :D) I have completed with a topic. Now I can write about it originally. I don’t need to copy it from somewhere as I have already experienced it.

You need great amount of time investment. But, in this way you are developing a new skill as well as starting a new career opportunity for yourself.

No doubt, a huge amount of dedication is required. But, in this way, you are learning a new skill as well.

So, I hope you have perfectly chosen a niche for your upcoming blog. But, if you are still unclear and lazy enough to learn something, then pack up your bag and start traveling. Share your trip experiences.

Still having issues 😐 paise ka problem?? I have another solution for you. shhh… this is only for you.

Take your phone with you and start covering some decent and famous places in your city. This will help you to grab the local audience. how to start blogging for free

Moreover, almost zero investment is required for it. Not only this, better if you could start with the news too. how to start blogging for free

Well, I tried my level best to grab a niche for you. I hope you are clear about the topic you are going, to begin with. Let’s hope for the best and read further.


  • Basically, a keyword is that special word or maybe set of words of your post for which you want to rank your blog. how to start blogging for free

This is the most basic and easy to understand the definition. Let’s dig deeper.

When I started my journey as a blogger, I wrote my first post related to computer tricks. So, I choose computer tricks as my keyword. how to start blogging for free


We need to target a keyword to check various stats. Those stats include:

1- Competition on a Keyword
2- Keyword Researching
3- Selecting a good Keyword

Though there are multiple other factors too, these are the most important factors which you need to check before starting with your post. Let’s understand the above 3 factors on by one. This will help you to understand the concepts in a better way.


Competition of a keyword defines how many people are working on a particular keyword. If lots of people are working together then, it’ll be a bit difficult to rank that keyword.

This is the factor that will decide if you should work on a particular keyword or not. Competition meant a lot in Blogging.


Keyword Researching is the ultimate process of finding a perfect keyword to target your audience. An ideal keyword has the following qualities: how to start blogging

1- High search volume.
2- Less Competition
3- Good CPC

Search volume will help you to estimate the number of visitors on your website for a particular keyword. Since you are investing your time and money so it is very much appreciated if you are getting a decent amount of visitors. how to start blogging for free

But, what if the search volume is very decent but competition is quite high. I guess in this situation you won’t be able to rank your blog on top results. So, in this case, your efforts will be wasted unless your domain authority is good.

So, it’s very much important to check the competition as well as competitors. If you’ll not analyze it properly then you’ll be defeated even after writing decent and worthy content.

Our end goal is to earn money. So, Cost Per Click (CPC) is one of the major factors. If CPC is high and vol is low then also it’s fine. We can generate huge revenue from those limited clicks only.

So, I hope you have understood the topmost quality of any perfect keyword. This is just a section. Let’s dig deeper.


Your domain name is your blog’s identity. It must be something related to your niche. But since you are building a brand as well as you don’t have any domain so I suggest you get the domain name closest to your keyword.

Suppose, if you are writing about digital marketing, then try including the word digital or marketing. It shouldn’t be of too much length.


1- Keep your domain name Easy To Remember. It shouldn’t be complicated enough. In other words, avoid using a proper noun. Avoid using any kind of numbers and special characters.

2- Do proper keyword research before purchasing a domain name. If you’ll be lucky then you might get a domain name of that keyword. For example, learndigitalmarketing.com is a keyword-based domain name owned by Deepak Kanakraju.

3- Extensions play an important role. If your blog will receive worldwide traffic then you should go with .com domain. If it’s country-specific then .in, .uk etc will be good. In case if you are not sure, then you should go with the .com extension.

4- Don’t make your domain name too long. Keep it short and eye-catching. This will help to keep your domain name sharable and rememberable. People like to share short domain names.

5- Try to check if any expired domain names available of your niche. But before buying check it’s DA, PA, Spam Score and if it is Indexed on Google or not. There are many other factors too, but these are some of the basic matrices to check.


Guys, Web-Hosting plays a very important role. This is the place where you’ll put or host your blog, your website and almost each and every digital content. So, you need to choose it smartly.

Many bloggers and content marketers promote different hosting companies due to the high commission rate. Read this section. After this, you’ll be able to take the decision on your own.

It all depends on your budget. If you have good budget, go with GoDaddy hosting. It has an overall good rating. It will costs you approx INR 400-500 per month. You need to pay on a yearly basis.

But, in case, if you are just starting out, then I would say not to invest soo much in that stuff. Some almost free alternatives are available which will cost you just INR 100 approx each month.

And the most amazing part is that you can pay monthly. Like if you don’t have thousands of rupees to invest, then, in that case, start with just 100 rupees.

So, those websites are Hostkarle, Hostlelo, Vapourhost, etc. Their plan is almost the same. I personally use Hostkarle and it’s satisfactory. uptime is more than 95%. So, if you like, you can go with it.

If you still face any issue, directly message me at Officialpranj.


You have purchased a domain name as well as hosting for your blog. So, now we need to connect both of them so that when someone will open yourblog.com then your blog should be visible. how to start blogging for free

So for that, you need nameservers of the hosting company and add them to your domain account. You can ask your hosting providers for the same. For now, I’ll include a detailed video link. Watch it. how to start blogging for free

I found this video informative but it’s in the Hindi language. You could search on youtube for your regional language if you can’t understand this.


The installation process is quite simple. You don’t need to worry about it. It’ll take hardly 2 minutes. Nowadays, most of the websites offer 1 click installation.

So follow the below steps:

  • Login to your Cpanel from the hosting account.
  • Browse to the app installer/script installer/Softaculous apps installer.
  • Click on WordPress.
  • Fill out the details Like domain name, site name, directory, etc.
  • Click Enter and sit relax. It’ll Handel the rest of the things now.

You’ll successfully install WordPress this way. And again I repeat if you face any kind of issue, fire a message @officialpranj. I’ll definitely help you out.


Theme plays an important role. So, if you are starting as a blogger, Generatepress will be the best option. This will optimize your website for the content and speed. I personally used it and recommend it too.

But, try to use genuine themes and plugins if you want a secured website. Many websites are giving nulled theme and plugins [paid] for FREE, but it has viruses and backdoor which can hack your site you may lose your content.

There is a huge list of free themes. Just get anyone and use it. Well, according to your purpose, I have already suggested the best theme.how to start blogging for free

Customize the theme according to your requirement and you’ll get the best results.


There is no doubt that Content Is King. If you really want to be a successful blogger, then you should be pro at content writing. There is no other method of learning this except observing.

We know different blogs of almost any niche and micro-niche. We need to observe there writing style. This will give you the ultimate confidence.

Below are some major points to keep in mind while writing your post.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How To Write SEO Friendly Content


    Starting with any random topic won’t help you out. Since we are optimizing the blog for the search engine, so, we need topics that are most searched. In other words, we need to choose keywords with high volume.

    Not only this much. after that, we need to find the keyword’s difficulty. We can use Ubersuggest for this. If you want more accurate data, then, try AHREFs. These tools will give you an idea that if the competition is low or high.

    After that, you need to analyze your top 3 competitors. Their content length, type of info they have provided, their da/pa, etc. These things will help you to understand if you’ll be able to rank or not.


    In the current scenario, Google is focusing on quality content. So, give time and make unique content with your own ideas. Don’t copy them. If you’ll copy-paste from different websites then, you’ll never be able to rank your articles.

    Now, just like the articles, you should use your own image or use stock images. Don’t copy the image from any website. It’ll harm your website. use sites such as Pixabay, Pexels, etc to get stock images.


    The presentation of your content matters the most. It is very much required that you should properly markup your content and makes it section wise. Like, use proper headings [H1, H2, paragraph].

    Make proper use of Bold, Italic, Underline. Don’t write a paragraph of more than 2-3 lines [50-60 words] at most. As well as use proper listing wherever required. In short, you need to focus on readability.


    It’s a good practice for SEO and user experience both, to use images and graphical presentation of content and data. In this way, the user will interact more with your content.

    For infographics, you can use CANVA. It’s a free tool with lots of templates. So, go with it.


    The keywords must be placed at proper intervals. You must not stuff them in one place. Placement of keywords must look original as well as it should not spoil the user experience. You should use around 3-5% of keywords in your content.

    If you do keyword stuffing i.e. using multiple keywords in one place, then it’ll impose a negative impact on your ranking.


So, I hope you have successfully written an article by yourself. Although, I have explained everything very well upto my knowledge.

Now it’s the time to check the below points before clicking on the PUBLISH button. I assume that you wrote a 500-800 word article.

1- Include your main keyword in the h1 tag. and long-tail keywords in the content at a particular interval.how to start blogging for free

2- Check your grammatical mistakes in the article. You can use Grammarly for the same.

3- Verify that your paragraph should not of more than 50-60 words.

4- Your content must have at least 2-3 High-Quality copyright-free images.

5- Try adding at least 1 video embedded from youtube. Adding a video will improve your SEO.

6- Include proper Meta Tags such as meta title, meta description. Use Yoast SEO for the same.

7- Do Internal Linking of your other posts. how to start blogging for free


We just can’t neglect the fact that we all do efforts for some kind of benefit. Benefits can be direct or indirect. Similarly, in blogging, we write to spread knowledge and enjoy the monetary benefits.

Adsense is one of the common ways to earn money. But believe me, it’s the worst way to earn. I mean, it’ll ruin the visitor’s experience as well as you can’t earn a satisfactory amount if you are getting Indian traffic.

So, to earn money from your blog, read the below paragraph. It’ll give you a clear cut vision.

First of all, ensure that you are getting at least 100-150 visitors per day. If not, then please don’t think about earning at this moment. You’ll end up with dissatisfaction and soon quit the job. Write more and more SEO friendly unique content.

I believe you are getting enough traffic to perform the action. If you are not having the traffic, then I would say first go back to your blog write quality articles, rank on keywords and then come back to earn the money.

So, below are the different ways to earn money from the blog. how to start blogging for free


Affiliate marketing is one of the trending ways to earn a decent amount of money from your blog. What you need is just to search for the most relevant products closely related to your blog niche.

If your blog is related to computers and you’ll do affiliate marketing for the washing machine then obviously it won’t work. Normally, the conversion rate is approx 1-2% depending on the niche. how to start blogging for free

What you need to do is, you need to write a well descriptive article for your blog. It should be like all other articles. Just include your affiliate link after the blog or in between the blog. I should not look like you want them to click. They should click themselves.

You could write like for more features visit “your affiliate link”. It’ll make them click for sure because everyone wants to check out the features. how to start blogging for free

That’s it. After a short time, you’ll start earning the money.


Will you charge if you’ll rent a room in your house? I hope you’ll say a big YES if you are not mentally retired 😛

Similarly, your blog is your digital property. People will pay to showcase their ads on your blog if you are getting similar traffic. how to start blogging for free

The best way to earn money without any extra effort is by renting ad spaces. You can approach advertisers to buy that ad space to display their ad for a particular time period.

For this, you’ll charge some amount from them. Now you might be thinking that whom we should approach? how to start blogging for free

Well, it depends on your blog niche. Suppose, it’s about a local city. Then you can contact various B2C businesses such as lounges, sweet shops, boutiques, etc. They will be definitely interested in that.

The above 2 methods are just examples. There are plenty more ways to earn money. But, these are actually working methods. how to start blogging for free


For blogging, you need passion. No other thing is required besides that. As I saw people complaining about their financial condition which is not good. You can start just by spending less than $10. how to start blogging for free

I tried my best to explain each and every possible thing in depth. Even if you are 0, then also you can begin with blogging. Apart from that, I have included my contact info i.e. @officialpranj where you can message me anytime.

You’ll get the reply within 100 minutes. I know very well that even after 3000 words, I have missed some important points. But don’t worry. Soon I’ll cover them one by one. What I want are your comments that can motivate me for my upcoming work.

Please Leave your comment Let’s hope for the best. Happy Blogging :).

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