How To Become An Ethical Hacker In 2020 – Beginner’s Guide

I have met several students who actually want to know how to become an ethical hacker but unfortunately sometimes they have not enough resources or their parents don’t allow them to do so as they think hacking is an illegal thing and hence after learning they will start unauthorized practices.

But believe me, if you have an unethical mindset then you can convert any legal and positive aspect into illegal.

Hacking is a weapon and it’s totally up to you how you are using it.

Ethical Hacking / Cyber Security is the most profitable carrier opportunity in the market as it has fewer candidates according to the requirement. There is a high opportunity that you’ll be placed with some good salary package after gaining knowledge in the cyber security field. I’ll discuss them too.


Ethical hacking is one of the most interesting fields. Here, you need to break security and you’ll get paid for it. I need to show my qualifications for a boring 5k/month job but, Google or any other company I hacked into, didn’t give a shit to my degrees when I breached their security. This is the biggest advantage of ethical hacking. You’ll get paid for your work, not for your qualifications.

So below I’ll discuss the qualities an Ethical Hacker must have.


The most important part of an Ethical Hacker is stability. He must be crazy about that. If he is not, then it’ll be difficult for him to learn most of the concepts no matters how much knowledge he/she have. so first start giving priorities to hacking by learning, practicing, etc.


To be an ethical hacker, you need to be favorable with spending multiple continuous hours in front of your PC. If you can’t, then, you can’t be good enough in the practical part (i.e. most important). So if you have any physical issue or any disorder because of which you can’t give sitting, then, you must think again.

However, you can still be a trainer in the field of cybersecurity. Trainers just need to know the concepts and their applications. The main part for the trainer is to convince about the bug so that their students can learn it easily.


This is one of the most asked questions about ethical hacking. Do ethical hackers really need to know programming languages?

It’ll be a plus if you know about the concepts of programming languages. You just need to know the concepts. That’s all for the beginning. However, this is only applicable for low hanging fruits. Low hanging fruits means the bugs which are easy to find.

If you want some unique and different bugs, then languages such as PHP, Python, javascript, etc could help you a lot. Not only this much. you need to know about Structured Query Langauge if you wanna find unique SQL injection issues.

Actually, thing is that, some bugs relay on the language only. If you don’t know the language then it’ll be difficult for you to understand that bug. So that’s why I said learning languages isn’t mandatory, but you need to learn it in order to get a Bug of Good Bounty. So, get some command on a single language at least.

One of the biggest advantages of learning programming languages such as python is that you’ll understand exploit making. If you submit your bug along with it’s exploit then the bounty amount will definitely increase.


Ethical Hacking is an art. And I believe no curriculum is enough for that. Believe me, you could be the best ethical hacker WITHOUT SPENDING A SINGLE PENNY.

Sometimes, maybe due to job reason you may need to get the certificate, but only sometimes not always. However, skill is still the most important acquisition. In fact, without skill, you couldn’t crack a single interview. So first concentrate on developing the skill rather then getting a certificate.

In my blog, I’ll introduce you some good resources (Absolutely FREE), which you can utilize.


When it comes to learning, youtube is one of the most trending platforms. But to be honest, there are multiple fake creators who make content just to earn $$ but not with the teaching intentions. Obviously, due to some reasons, I am not going to reveal their names.

Here, I’ll give you some TOP CHANNELS NAMES so that you can go and learn right away. They are real tutors who are really doing hard work.


Hacking Monks is one of the best channels in the industry. You will find sufficient content to start as a beginner. Occasionally the creator also posts Proof Of Concepts.

This channel covers most of the important topics that you need to start. One of the best thing about this channel is, it’s a non monetized so you won’t see any advt. during the videos. I personally recommend this channel as you can understand the basic concepts in an easy way.


There is a term called “Capture The Flag”. These challenges are played to capture numeric or Alpha-Numeric codes with different hacking skills. So if you want to learn about those challenges then you can visit this youtube channel.

He explained about those challenges is a very descriptive manner. By watching those videos and practicing yourself, you will be able to understand the challenge and get the hacking directions for it.


Facebook is another good source where you can find some good personalities who shares lots of knowledgeable content on their wall. I would recommend you to go on their wall and follow them so that you can get the shared content on the regular basis.

PS: Kindly don’t comment/judge any person I am mentioning here. Since I saw lots of valuable content on their wall so I thought sharing the profiles with you. Don’t judge anyone with their personal behavior or their hacking skills.


It’ll sound funny, but some people called him the sharing bot 😀 He used to share lots of things(PDFs, Blogs, Tutorials, etc) with the community and his followers. Most of the time I found them useful.


He is known as the master of Cross Site Scripting (XSS). On his wall, you’ll find advanced XSS Filter bypasses. He used to post content occasionally. You can utilize those techniques and get a high amount of bounties by bypassing their XSS filters.


This is one of the best cybersecurity group of facebook where you’ll get answers of your valid(related to cybersecurity) queries. Your all level of questions will be entertained regardless they will be out of cybersecurity syllabus.


Twitter is the hub of professional ethical hackers around the globe. If you are a beginner, go straight away and create a twitter account. I would suggest you begin with the new account where you should follow only cybersecurity-related persons. That account should not look messy(random posts).

Steps you should follow with your newly created accounts:

  • Become a follow bot.
  • Follow each and every one of the cybersecurity community.
  • Once you completed with 100+ followers, you’ll see enough newsfeeds to browse and learn.
  • Every post you see will give you an idea about some random topic or maybe with just a keyword.
  • Browse that topic or keyword on google, youtube etc.
  • Congrats! you already got the broad idea about that topic/keyword.
  • Continue with this strategy.
  • With this method, you’ll learn new things, bugs, strategies, etc every day for FREE.

What if you didn’t follow my strategy! So here is the answer.

To learn something, you need a topic. Internet is full of random topics. But, most of them are useless for a serious study. I have given you these steps to generate high-quality knowledge for 100% FREE.

No doubt this strategy requires lots of efforts and time. But without investing these things you can’t get into the field. Follow the steps. you’ll get 100% success 🙂

PS: Indians are really good ethical hackers. But I saw most of them end up with advertising about their startups and achievements. So this might not be beneficial for you at the beginning stage.


I have tried my level best to explain to you deeply for starting your journey as an ethical hacker. I am not an expert guy who knows each and everything but I tried those things and it really worked out for me. So I should suggest each and every beginner utilize them.

Even if you don’t have any idea about programming languages, then also you can begin with hacking.

Paid content is always an option. If you are running out of time, you can simply hire any trainer like me to get trained on a particular syllabus and become an ethical hacker. It has its own advantages. But if you are a class 12th student then I would suggest you follow my Free strategy. But if you don’t have much time, then you can contact me. I’ll definitely help you out.

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