Facebook Ads Mastery Course: Detailed Review

Facebook Ads Mastery course is created by Mr. Deepak Kanakraju. I have received the review copy for FREE so, here is the time to pay back with my honest words. I have gone through with almost every module of this video course.


No doubt, this is one of the BEST course on the topic I saw till date. I have countless reasons for this. But since I need to end up this post so, I’ll describe few of them (in-depth) here. Keep Reading 😉


The content in this course is well descriptive. Almost each and every video is of 10 min or more. The main part is that the videos are continuous[NO CUT], so it’ll not only show you the focused content but also the problems occurred during designing the campaign.

He covered each and every type of campaign and explained them properly you’ll understand how to use, where to use and purpose of each campaign. This will not only guide you but will also give you a broad idea of suitability for the purpose, which is most important.


Video quality in the videos is awesome. You can view them in 5 different resolutions i.e. 224p,350p,540p,720p,1080p. I suggest 540p is mandatory, as, below this, the content might not be readable.

Apart from this, videos are in the form of slides. Slides are very well prepared. In fact, it’ll be a BONUS if you’ll note down the important concepts. and keywords for further reference.


This is one of the most important aspects. In most of the cases, audio sucks due to background noise or bad mike quality. But here I can assure you that the voice quality will be 100% hearable. You won’t face any difficulty or any extra efforts in understanding it.

If you have earphones it’ll be a plus but without them, you can also listen to it perfectly. This video course is in English but the accent is Indian so even if you are just intermediate in English then also you can understand it. Basically, simple terminologies are used.


One thing I like the most about the content is that it is in continuation form. He’ll first show you the implementation and then he’ll cover the stats of the same.

This will increase your interest and let you know the output. Like most of the marketers, he also followed the storytelling technique.

He also does automated E-mail campaigns to ensure that you are going through each lesson of the course. You will get an email every day with progressive lessons.


He used to publish new content from time to time which is absolutely for FREE. He also added a case study section where he explains with the real examples.


If you are a beginner or an Intermediate in facebook ads, then you can trust this course blindly. This is far better than going with any institution for the same. I already have sufficient idea about facebook ads, but after watching these videos, I found something new to learn in almost every part.

I can’t say anything about his other courses, as I was never have gone through with them. But, for this Facebook ads Mastery Course, I am 100% confident that this is a valuable course and you’ll surely learn from it.

Thanks for being here. Happy Hacking 😉

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